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Calendar Year 2016 ND Airline Report Available

Posted 7/17/17 (Mon)

The Aeronatics Commission received the 2016 Calendar Year Report for North Dakota Airline Statistics.  Some highlights of the report are as follows:

  • The top domestic passenger market at North Dakota was Phoenix / Mesa, followed by Las Vegas, Orlando / Sanford and Denver. Phoenix/Mesa and Denver were the largest airline revenue markets at North Dakota.
  • The top domestic passenger airline at North Dakota was Delta, followed by United, Allegiant and American. Delta and United were the largest airline revenue airlines at North Dakota.
  • North Dakota averaged 56.8 domestic departures, 3,887 available seats, and 2,961 onboard passengers per day each way, while load factors at North Dakota averaged 76.2% over Calendar Year 2016.
  • North Dakota ranks 43rd out of 53 domestic states / territories in terms of passengers, and 43rd in terms of domestic airline revenues.

Click HERE to view the report.  To find more information and related statistical infomration about ND aviation, visit our Aviation Statistic webpage.