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Aircraft / Ultralight Registration

Click here for online aircraft registration renewals.

Aircraft Registration

All aircraft based in the state for more than 30 days are required to be registered with the ND Aeronautics Commission. You may register your aircraft by completing the North Dakota Aircraft Registration form. Aircraft owners are now given the option to renew their aircraft registration online by clicking the above link. Initial registrations must complete the aircraft registration form and return the form to the ND Aeronautics Commission along with the registration fee. For more information about North Dakota’s aircraft registration regulations view ND Century code 2-05-11.

Fees are paid in relation to the maximum gross weight for the aircraft. Fees are due January 1 of each year the aircraft is based in North Dakota. Penalties may be applied to late registrations.

All aircraft registering in North Dakota for the first time may be required to pay an excise tax on the purchase price of the aircraft. To learn more about North Dakota’s excise tax requirements click here.

Unairworthy Aircraft

If an aircraft becomes unairworthy, the aircraft registration fees do not apply. However, you are required to notify our office of the unairworthy status.

Antique, Classic, or Warbird

Aircraft Antique, Classic, or Warbird Aircraft may be permanently registered with the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission. An aircraft that qualifies for permanent registration may be used only for display, airshow demonstration, testing and maintenance, and preparation flights necessary to maintain flight safety of operations. These aircraft cannot be used for conducting commercial or private aviation businesses. Permanent registration may be transferred to a new owner. The one-time permanent fee for an antique, classic or warbird aircraft is $ 125.00.

"Antique aircraft" means an aircraft built and originally federally certified by its manufacturer before January 1, 1941.

"Classic aircraft" means an aircraft built and originally federally certified by its manufacturer after January 2, 1941,                                  and before January 1, 1948.

 "Warbird aircraft" means military aircraft no longer in military service.


Aircraft Sold or Destroyed

If your aircraft is destroyed or sold, please notify the ND Aeronautics Commission and advise of this status.