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AWOS Maintenance



The North Dakota Aeronautics Commission has been committed in providing cost-saving efforts for AWOS related maintenance and NADIN connection services.  The North Dakota Aeronautics Commission will solicit bids for a statewide AWOS maintenance contract that will also include the cost of connecting the AWOS to the FAA’s NADIN.  Through this bidding process, the lowest qualified bidder will be selected to provide routine maintenance for the general aviation airports throughout North Dakota and NADIN connectivity. Under this program, two areas of maintenance categories exist:


Each applicable airport sponsor with an AWOS has the option to select one of the following schedule maintenance options:

  1. The North Dakota Aeronautics Commission will fund 100% of the costs of the scheduled maintenance (3 annual inspections) at selected airports through this program utilizing the lowest qualified bidder.
  1. An airport may contract individually for their AWOS scheduled maintenance and NADIN connection and be provided reimbursement by the Aeronautics Commission. The airport can request reimbursement at any time by providing the Aeronautics Commission with the appropriate invoices.  The Aeronautics Commission reimburse the costs of AWOS maintenance up to $2,385 on an annual basis and NADIN connection services up to $420 on an annual basis.


All unscheduled maintenance and cost of replacement AWOS parts will be the full responsibility of each airport sponsor. Once the state contractor is contacted regarding an issue that would require unscheduled maintenance, the contractor will submit the cost proposal to the airport sponsor and Aeronautics Commission staff in which it can be discussed whether it is appropriate to conduct the unscheduled maintenance or wait until the next scheduled inspection. Each airport sponsor is able to apply for a state airport grant and at the discretion of the Aeronautics Commission, be provided a state grant for the unscheduled maintenance and/or the cost of replacement parts.