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Public Notice of North Dakota Aeronautics Commission and NPIAS General Aviation Airports DBE Goal for Fiscal Years 2023-2025

Goal-setting for disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) with capabilities in the transportation industry is required by 49 Code of Federal Regulations Part 26. The following goal is applicable for the 2023-2025 federal fiscal years (October 1, 2022 through September 30, 2025).

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$8.5 Million Awarded for Airport Infrastructure Grants

On June 16th, the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission met and finalized approximately $8.5 million in state infrastructure grant allocations to multiple public airports throughout North Dakota. These state grants are critical in maintaining the needed infrastructure to support the aviation industry, which is major contributor to the state’s overall economy and standard of living.

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Workforce Challenges and Inflationary Pressures Create Headwinds for Sustained Passenger Growth

The commercial service airports throughout the state have been reporting that overall airline load factors have been high and that conversations with airline partners requesting additional flights and seat capacity has been ongoing. A high load factor indicates that an airline has sold most of its available seats and is an indicator of strong demand. The available seats and flights available to the traveling public throughout North Dakota is currently still lower than pre-pandemic levels as airlines continue to communicate difficulties in adding capacity into the system due to workforce challenges. In order to once again see sustainable growth above pre-pandemic levels, additional flights and/or larger aircraft with additional seats will need to be added into the state’s system.

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April Snowstorms Impact Air Travel in Central & Western North Dakota

North Dakota’s eight commercial service airports posted a total of 76,553 airline passenger boardings during the month of April, 2022. This is a 23% increase from the 62,168 boardings that the state experienced in April, 2021. It is also approximately 17% below April 2019’s pre-pandemic passenger counts of 92,063. The multiple heavy snowstorms that our state experienced in April provided increased challenges for our airports and passengers as North Dakota experienced a larger than normal airline cancellation rate which resulted in a lower-than-expected statewide passenger count for the month.

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