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FAA Safety seminar with discussion about Powder River MOA

Posted 5/05/16 (Thu)

With the Powder River MOA affecting almost any flight heading accross southwestern North Dakota, Lt. Matt "Killjoy" Martin has requested an audience with users in the area to verify how the MOA has been affecting their travel plans. He would like to hear the good and the bad about your expiereince working flying in the area. 


The event will be held at the Bismarck Airport hangar #53, Wednesday May 11th at 7PM. 


In addition to the Powder River MOA discussion, Patrick Ayd, National Weather Service, Bismarck will be discussing thinderstorms and the risk based decisions necessary to safely maneuver these awesome powers of nature. 


If time permits, the night will conclude with Jay Flowers presenting "Performance Matters" wheat we need to be paying attention to, with regards to the engine or the aircraft in general. 


For more information or to register, use the link provided below.