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Rod Brekken to be inducted into North Dakota’s Aviation Hall of Fame

The North Dakota Aviation Hall of Fame committee has announced the name of an individual recently selected to be inducted in the ND Aviation Hall of Fame. The awards ceremony will take place on the evening of March 6th, at the Upper Midwest Aviation Symposium banquet in Fargo, ND. Rod Brekken will join the prestigious aviation hall of fame group that currently includes 42 other individuals who have all had a significant impact to aviation in North Dakota.

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ND Airports Accommodate 1,030,639 Airline Passenger Boardings in 2017

North Dakota’s commercial service airports finished calendar year 2017 with a statewide total of 1,030,639 passenger boardings. This is a 1.8% decrease from 2016’s airline passenger boarding count of 1,049,418. In 2017, the state also saw 1,033,531 passenger deplanements for a grand total of 2,082,949 passengers that have set foot inside the commercial service terminal buildings of North Dakota over the past year.

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Energy Impact Grants To Airports

The Board of University and School Lands (Land Board) awarded grants to a number of airports in western North Dakota impacted by oil development and activity. These grants will help modernize and improve the facilities for a number of years to come. Four general aviation airports were awarded energy impact grants which will complete the granting of funds appropriated by the 2015 Legislative Assembly

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Energy Impacted Airport Grant Round Announcement

On behalf of the North Dakota Board of University and School Lands (Land Board), the Energy Infrastructure and Impact Office is announcing a grant round for eligible airports that are impacted by oil and gas development. The funding comes from appropriations from House Bill 1176 during the 2015 Legislative Assembly and Senate Bill 2013 during the 2017 Legislative Assembly. The grant funds announced today will support airports within oil-producing counties and include: Up to $15 million for continued construction projects of the Williston Airport, up to $1.5 million for continued improvements to the Dickinson Airport, and up to $1.3 million for improvements to other municipal airports

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