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Energy Impacted Airport Grant Round Announcement

On behalf of the North Dakota Board of University and School Lands (Land Board), the Energy Infrastructure and Impact Office is announcing a grant round for eligible airports that are impacted by oil and gas development. The funding comes from appropriations from House Bill 1176 during the 2015 Legislative Assembly and Senate Bill 2013 during the 2017 Legislative Assembly. The grant funds announced today will support airports within oil-producing counties and include: Up to $15 million for continued construction projects of the Williston Airport, up to $1.5 million for continued improvements to the Dickinson Airport, and up to $1.3 million for improvements to other municipal airports

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Calendar Year 2016 ND Airline Report Available

The 2016 Calendar Year Report for North Dakota's Airline Statistics is now available.

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Airline Boarding Numbers Turn Positive

North Dakota airport passenger numbers for the month of June posted 88,190 passengers which is an increase of 2% or 1,767 passengers over last year’s June numbers. Six of the eight commercial service airports in North Dakota have also reported growth for the month. This report marks the second month in a row that the state saw an increase in monthly airline boardings.

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Working Group on Improving Air Service to Small Communities

A working group created by the DOT to make recommendations on improving air service to small communities has published a final report. The report has been sent to congress, with a number of recommendations regarding issues such as the pilot shortage and Essential Air Service.

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