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North Dakota Airline Passenger Demand Showcases Remarkable Recovery in 2021

North Dakota’s commercial service airports finished calendar year 2021 with a statewide total of 886,809 airline passenger boardings. This is an increase of 314,716 passengers or a 55% increase from 2020. All eight commercial service airports were able to provide services to more passengers in 2021 than they did in the previous calendar year. In 2021, the airports also tallied 887,914 passenger deplanements for a grand total of 1,774,723 passengers (enplanements and deplanements) that traveled through the commercial service terminal buildings of North Dakota over the past year.

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Holiday Travel Provides Boost to Aviation Demand

North Dakota’s eight commercial service airports posted 83,429 airline passenger boardings during the recent month of November. This amounts to a 95% increase from November 2020 and a 12.5% decrease from the November 2019 pre-pandemic airline boarding counts. Additional travel demand seen during the Thanksgiving weekend was reminiscent of pre-pandemic levels in North Dakota and throughout the rest of the country.

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Positive Trend in Airline Boarding Demand Continues

North Dakota’s eight commercial service airports posted almost 87,000 airline passenger boardings during the month of October. The demand for air travel in North Dakota has seen a steady recovery throughout 2021 and has currently stabilized to approximately 15% below pre-pandemic numbers.

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Aviation Workforce Shortages Create Challenges for the Industry

Over the last four consecutive months, North Dakota’s airports have been able to sustain passenger demand between 15% - 20% below the 2019 pre-pandemic levels. This is an encouraging sign; however, known challenges exist within the industry that have so far prevented a full recovery in passenger numbers. Airlines have cited an inability to add additional flights due to staff shortages and the industry has still not yet seen a strong recovery in business and government travel due to persisting COVID-19 concerns.

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