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$9.7 Million Awarded for Airport Infrastructure Grants

Posted 6/11/20 (Thu)

On June 11th, 2020, the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission finalized approximately $9.7 million in state infrastructure grant allocations to multiple public airports throughout North Dakota.  The individual awards are noted on the attached listings which show 141 individual projects have received grant awards at 55 different public use airports throughout the state. 

$7 million of the allocation is being made as a part of a $20 million-dollar transfer that the state legislature approved in the last legislative session from the Strategic Investment and Improvement Fund (SIIF) to provide assistance with the large-scale projects that are ongoing at both the Watford City Airport and the Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport. 

$2.7 million of the allocation was made from the Aeronautics Commission Special Fund where the primary revenue source for these grants is derived from state tax collections on aviation fuel and aircraft sales. These state grants are critical in maintaining the needed infrastructure to support the aviation industry, which is a major contributor to the state’s economy and standard of living.

North Dakota’s airports have recently seen a significant impact in travel demand due to the COVID-19 virus.  The dramatic drop in passengers, has in turn, created financial concerns for airports that depend on passengers for revenue.  The recently passed CARES Act is expected to provide North Dakota’s airports with up to $85 million dollars of federal assistance to help provide relief during these difficult times.  

“These state airport grant allocations will help to leverage and supplement the federal funding being received for high priority airport projects within North Dakota while at the same time ensuring that our statewide aviation system is being maintained.  These grants will also help to create jobs within our communities and will greatly assist our airports in preparing them to be in a better position to help our economy rebound, once the COVID-19 virus concerns have subsided,” stated Kyle Wanner, the Executive Director of the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission.


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